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Construction of the Alamar began in April in Salinas, Ecuador's most popular
beach resort. When it is completed in less than three years, the project
will be the premiere condominium project on Ecuador's south coast. Prices
are a fraction of comparable beachfront units in North America or Europe.

Some of the Alamar's
Amenities include:
-Swimming pool
-Hydro massage tub
-Restaurant & bar
-Room service
-Maid service
-First floor shopping
About the project
The Alamar is located directly opposite Pacific Ocean beaches and offers 2,
3, and 4 apartments, with floor plans beginning at 100 square meters (1070
square feet), ranging up to 500 square meters (5350 square feet). All
apartments have outside terraces and ocean views. Early buyers can make
design adjustments layout for little or no cost, and pick their own tile,
wood and colors. Finishing materials are first-rate and would command a
substantial premium in the U.S. or Europe. Condominiums come with
underground parking, central gas and 24-hour security.


Although construction is underway, pricing remains at pre-construction
levels temporarily. Depending on payment arrangements prices range from $700
to $780 per square meter ($65 to $73 per square foot). A larger down payment
and quick payoff qualifies for the lower rate. The developer will provide
short-term financing during the project's three-year construction phase.

As an example, a 1,550 square foot apartment, 3 BR, 3 Bath, with maid's
quarters, costs $104,000 at the $700 per meter rate. Prices are effective
April 15, 2005 and are subject to change.

About the developer and Salinas
The Alamar is a project by architect Pablo Vintimilla, one of Ecuador's most
innovative and successful developers. Vintimilla's recent office and
apartment buildings in Cuenca have sold out within months of the beginning
of construction.

Located on Ecuador's western-most peninsula, Salinas features a beach front
of mid-rise condominiums, an international yacht club, popular discos and
restaurants and outstanding shopping. The city's population of 45,000 swells
to well over 100,000 during high season and holidays. In addition to being
Ecuador's #1 coastal resort, Salinas is known as one of South America's best
whale viewing locations and is an international sport fishing mecca.
Numerous world fishing records have been established in the deep Pacific
waters offshore. Over the years, sport fishing in Salinas has attracted such
notables as Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Prince Charles and Ted Turner.

Prices begin below $85,000