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About Us

Cuenca Real Estate is a partnership of an Ecuadorian who traces her roots back 300 hundred years in colonial Cuenca and a North American who arrived in Ecuador in 2003.

Kathy Gonzalez CorralAlthough Kathy González Corral’s mother’s family has been a mainstay in Cuenca for 300 years, she grew up in the United States where her Spanish-born father was a classics professor at the University of Idaho. Kathy has been an English professor in universities and high schools in Cuenca, a jewelry exporter and a retail shop owner. Her work in the real estate field began 2002 with a concentration on serving North American and European buyers. Because she has lived in the U.S., she is conscious of the expectations and concerns of foreign real estate buyers. She is fluent in English.

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Phone: Outside Ecuador (593)(99) 450-0325 or (593)(7) 2455-800 / 404-94-65; Skype: kathy.gonzalez2. In Cuenca, phone 099 450-0325 or 421-4838.

David MorrillDavid Morrill has been a syndicated newspaper columnist, book reviewer and editor of several magazines and newspapers. He was a partner for 10 years in a Florida advertising and public relations firm. He is president of TransAndean Trading Company, an import/export firm, and is the author of The Ecuador Owner's Manual, published by International Living. A northern California native, he has homes in Cuenca and north Florida.

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Cuenca Real Estate office contact:; Phone: (Outside Ecuador) (593) (7) 2455-800 - 404-94-65, (In Cuenca) ; Skype:

Office address: Av. 12 de Abril at Unidad Nacional, Suite 4